2007 Minutes

Minutes of the 2007 Rousseau Association Business Meeting

Rousseau Association general assembly: June 30, 2007
Lyon, France
Reported by John T. Scott, Publications Director

1. Reports

Secretary-Treasurer’s Report: Sally Campbell—See Addendum

Publications Director Report: John T. Scott

The Publications Director reported on progress on the publication of volumes based on the two previous Rousseau Association colloquiua.

The volume edited by John O’Neal based on the 2005 colloquium will be published by SVEC in early 2008. John O’Neal gave details for contributors regarding final formatting. John Scott reported that we anticipated a similar arrangement with the Voltaire Foundation on purchasing volumes at a discounted rate to be sent to Association members as part of their membership.

The volume edited by Ourida Mostefai and John T. Scott based on the 2003 colloquium is still under consideration for publication. Further news will be reported as soon as it is available.

2. Discussion of 2009 colloquium

Members discussed plans for the 2009 colloquium. Byron Wells reported that he was willing to direct the colloquium and had spoken with colleagues at UCLA about hosting the colloquium there. The topic of “Rousseau’s Legacy” was approved by the members.

3. Discussion of 2011 colloquium

Members engaged in a preliminary discussion of the 2011 colloquium, with a tentative proposal by Christopher Bertram to hold the colloquium in Bristol on a topic relating to political writings such as those on Poland and Corsica.

4. Elections

Elections for officers for 2007-09 were held with the following results:

President: Christopher Bertram
Vice President: Michael O’Dea
Secretary-Treasurer: Sally Campbell
Publications Director: John T. Scott
Web Publications Director: Zev Trachtenberg

Addendum: Secretary-Treasurer’s Report

Sally Campbell could not be present at the meeting and submitted her report separately by email.

The Association account contains $11,952.75.
Membership is stable, with around 90 current dues paid members for 2007.